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Strong, durable, versatile and easy to use, the Phoenix microwave muffle furnace range from CEM has the answer to all ashing needs. Buyers can choose from two alternative configurations and then select various options to match the system precisely with their processing needs.

The first choice is between the High Temperature and High Capacity versions. Opting for High Capacity, the user benefits from a temperature reaching 1,000 ºC and from accommodation for as many as 15 x 25 ml crucibles. The High Temperature model produces 1,200 ºC and will handle 8 x 25 ml crucibles. Whichever Phoenix microwave ashing system you choose, it will deal with all of the standard crucible types – including platinum – that a conventional muffle furnace will accommodate.

With the Phoenix, CEM has taken ashing speed and convenience to new heights. In fact, it delivers results an amazing ten times faster than a traditional non-microwave muffle furnace can achieve. Thanks to its rapid performance, flexibility and highly reproducible results, operators can easily gain improved process control and, by making quick adjustments, keep ‘out-of-specification’ products to a minimum.

Its features include fully programmable temperature control as well as software for auto-start and auto-shutdown. There are as many as 20 programmable methods, and the unit is also equipped with inbuilt system diagnostics and failure safeguards. Such capability and versatility makes the Phoenix ideal for a diversity of industry sectors with different ashing needs.

Users will appreciate the reliability, robustness and user-friendly operation of the Phoenix system, whose sample processing functions are made even simpler with the aid of various accessories and options. Workstation options available with all Phoenix ashing systems include a 100 g balance with a sensitivity of 0.0001 g. This can be linked to the furnace via an RS-232 interface port. A printer, which simplifies documentation of ashing results, is another option. Together, this range of optional features allows the creation of a complete workstation solution that will add to the efficiency of the whole process.